Thursday, October 30, 2008


Decompression Therapy is perhaps the most talked about and utilized form of treatment in today's Chiropractic market. From tables to inversion units. Yet none of these devices has been able to actually strengthen the back during rehabilitation.

For over 20 years, the Reverse Hyper has been the number one choice for posterior chain strength development, flexibility, pain relief and injury prevention by professional, collegiate and high school sport teams and athletes.

From the Reverse Hyper inventor,
Louie Simmons,

Strength Consultant for the Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and numerous collegiate sport programs:

"I came up with this exercise in early 1974 after breaking my fifth lumbar vertebra. Nothing that I had previously done had helped the pain or range of motion, but this worked. I received my first United States patent in the
990s. Now I own three U.S. patents, and Reverse Hyper is U.S.

"This exercise is a decompression tool. It builds strength to stabilize the core of the muscular skeletal system. This also helps with the flexibility to perform dynamic motions. To make it simple, it makes you strong while rehabilitating the entire back, hamstrings, and glutes.

"This machine not only builds strength and flexibility in your lower back and complete posterior chain but provides decompression of the spinal column and aids in range of motion as well."

Dr. Charles Price, Robinson, IL:

The Therapy Reverse Hyper is now being offered to Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Practitioners. The unit takes up less than 25 square feet of floor space while in use. Treatments may be reimbursable from some insurance companies.

Ben Dearman, CSCS*D, YFS 1, USAW, MTS 1.

"As a personal trainer and Strength Coach, I have dealt with all sorts of populations, from baby boomers, to Special Ops and elite military personnel to HS athletes. There is one machine that I have everyone use; The Reverse Hyper.

"A majority of lower back issues are caused by: tight hamstrings/glutes and poor strength in the upper posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes). I can't even begin to calculate how many people have come to me for help in alleviation of their lower back pain. They just want their lower back to stop hurting! They don't even care about fixing it, they have given up on that. Who can blame them? If I spent years being bounced around to different therapists and trainers with no results, I too, would just want a slight reprieve. All they want is a pain free day.

"After having them do some myofascial release on their lower extremities and glutes, along with some gentle stretching I put them on the reverse hyper for some low weight, high rep sets. The reverse hyper helps to increase active and passive ROM at both the top and bottom of the movement (addresses the tightness in the hamstrings/glutes) and helps to reactivate/re-educate dormant or misfiring muscles in the glutes (addressing the weak posterior chain). I will also use the machine before myofascial release and stretching to help decompress the lumbar spine and pelvis. I find that when the lumbar spine and pelvis are in a state of slight decompression and thus high fluid continuum there is a much greater passive and active stretch achieved.

"I have yet to treat a person with the Reverse Hyper who hasn't improved their condition substantially in two weeks or less. The Reverse Hyper is a staple in my gym as it should be in yours. If you don't have one now; order it immediately and start helping people the way they should be helped."

Our confidence in the product and the results it will produce have led to a marketing structure for the Chiropractic Industry. Simply put, the same therapeutic model will perform as an affordable and user-friendly post rehab and exercise tool for home use. This will allow you, the practitioner to 'prescribe' the Therapy Reverse Hyper to patients for extended therapy and prevention. An attractive wholesale structure is available to allow practitioners to 'sell' the product to patients.

Commercial Models:

Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper (Incline-Flat-Decline Top Position Adjustments)

Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper (Interchangeable Strap and Roller)

Pro Reverse Hyper (Strap Model)

Please contact us for more amazing details on this remarkable system which combines all of the following benefits into one low-investment product:

Pain relief
Increased Strength
Increased Dynamic Range

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